Fees and Charges – Effective from Autumn Term 2019

Fees are due and payable on or before the first day of the term to which they relate.

Tuition Fees

Reception (Age 4+) £ 2,795.00 per term
Years 1 – 2 (Age 5+ and 6+) £ 3,085.00 per term
Years 3 – 4 (Age 7+ and 8+) £ 4,570.00 per term
Years 5 – 6 (Age 9+ and 10+) £ 4,635.00 per term
Years 7 – 13 £ 5,305.00 per term

School Lunches

Senior School Lunches £290.00 per term
Junior School Lunches £215.00 per term

Coach Services

Full Time Pass (10 journeys a week)  £400.00 per term
Part Time Pass (9 journeys a week)  £375.00 per term
Part Time Pass (8 journeys a week)  £355.00 per term
Part Time Pass (7 journeys a week)  £335.00 per term
Part Time Pass (6 journeys a week)  £310.00 per term
Part Time Pass (5 journeys a week) £280.00 per term
Ad-hoc Single Tickets (subject to space being available) £5.00

For details of the coach services operated by the school please contact our coach coordinator, Miss Amy Drudge on 01483 510997.

Optional Lessons

*10 lessons of 30 minutes unless otherwise stated*
Individual Music lessons (all instruments) £220.00 per term
Group Speech and Drama lessons (Year 3 upwards) £105.00 per term
Private Tuition / Learning Support £22.00 per half hour

Third Daughter Discount

Two thirds of the term’s tuition fees will be charged for the third and subsequent daughters of a family, all of whom are in attendance at one and the same time.

Registration Fee and Deposits

A non-returnable Registration Fee of £100.00 is payable on completion of the Registration Form.

The Acceptance Deposit is payable when parents accept the offer of a place. The Acceptance Deposit will be retained in the general funds of the school until the pupil leaves, and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final account. The Acceptance Deposit is as follows:

Reception £350.00, Years 1 – 6 £500.00, Senior School £700.00

In the case of a pupil whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom at the time of acceptance of a place, the school reserves the right to require an Additional Deposit to be paid, such that the Acceptance Deposit plus the Additional Deposit equate to one full term’s fees.


The tuition fee includes books, stationery and equipment. It does not include certain books and items that become the girl’s property, examination fees, optional lessons, special coaching or educational visits.

A term’s notice in writing (or a term’s fee in lieu of notice) is required before the withdrawal of a pupil, a change in lunch requirements, removal from the coach service or the ceasing of an optional subject. The notice period for any girl leaving at the end of year 11 is longer. Notice must be received by the end of the first half of the spring term of year 11, otherwise a term’s fees in lieu will be charged.

Fees and charges are reviewed annually and are subject to increase from time to time. The school reserves the right to charge interest on fees which are unpaid, and parents shall also be liable to pay all costs, fees, disbursements and charges (including legal fees) in the recovery of any unpaid fees. No reduction is made for absence, whether for illness or any other cause.