Every girl is encouraged to pursue some extra-curricular activities from a varied programme including: The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme – Gold, Wings of Hope Achievement Award, Debating, and Young Enterprise, as well as daily sport sessions, music opportunities and performing arts.

A diverse range of posts of responsibility allow the girls to take on leadership roles, and gain valuable experience for life beyond Tormead.

The Sixth Form expedition to Vietnam or Zambia is an annual event. The challenge for the girls (and the staff who accompany them) begins long before the journey starts, with a 15-20 month programme of training, fundraising and research that provides the maximum educational impact.

In recent years, significant numbers of Sixth Formers have been selected to join British Schools’ Exploring Society expeditions, involving six weeks of project work and adventure in remote areas of the world such as arctic Norway, the Amazon or central Africa. Tormead is one of only 23 schools in the country to have been awarded star school status by BSES.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

Gold Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award will allow you to challenge yourself whilst having fun. The Gold Award is a fantastic chance to take part in physical activity, volunteering and learn and improve skills.

The Gold programme involves:

  • Volunteering for 12 months
  • Doing a physical activity and skill, one for 12 months one for 6 months
  • A residential section (four nights away from home)
  • A practice expedition
  • The qualifying expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is a brilliant opportunity. It allows the girls to work within a team and learn to cooperate with others in order to get their ideas across. It provides the chance to bond with others and gain and strengthen friendships.

The tough times teach you perseverance and determination and the sense of achievement at the end is well worth the effort!

“Gold D of E gave me the opportunity to take part in something I wouldn’t otherwise have done. It challenged us as a team but we pulled together to create an experience we will never forget. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Wings of Hope Achievement Award (WOHAA)

The Wings of Hope Children’s Charity sponsors the free education of children in India and Malawi and also runs WOHAA in the UK.

The WOHAA scheme is offered to pupils in the Lower Sixth and is a great way to form a fundraising group with fellow students. The WOHAA project begins in October and runs until March when each group have to submit a ‘snapshot’ project to display all the fundraising they have achieved. This can be shown in a scrapbook, a video, or collage, etc.

Once projects are submitted, WOHAA select semi-finalists to present a 5 minute presentation of their group’s work to a distinguished panel of judges in the House of Lords. The results of the competition are announced at an annual awards ceremony to which all  participants in WOHAA are invited.

Recent successes have been Team Plume, which captured the judges’ attention by performing the Jai-Ho dance from the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in various locations throughout London. They later performed the dance at the House of Lords semi-final event and were presented with the “Most Innovative Award” at the annual award ceremony at Wembley Stadium.


Young Enterprise’s mission statement is “to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise.”

The Young Enterprise Scheme allows students to create their very own business. This includes electing a board of directors, raising share capital, and creating, selling and marketing their products to generate profit.

The scheme is first and foremost a competition, with awards given to companies for Most Innovative Idea and Best Overall Company. Taking part in the scheme requires commitment to at least one meeting per week with the Young Enterprise advisors and Link Teachers and also a meeting during the school week with Company members only.

Tormead’s Sixth Form Young Enterprise companies have a history of doing very well, proving their professionalism as well as their financial and business acumen with recent successes.