Cerian Parker-Yeates

Head of Sixth Form

What are you most looking forward to as the new Head of Sixth Form at Tormead? 

“Working in an atmosphere of such potential. From each fantastic individual student to the incredible sixth form facilities, Tormead Sixth Form is a very special place in which to work cultivating an ideal environment to help every girl reach her dreams and aspirations. The new sixth form centre highlights the consideration which has gone into supporting the learners at Tormead, as all styles of learning are catered for; this is a precious educational setting. Maintaining the balance of pastoral care with holistic attention from form tutors alongside inspiring motivated, engaged learners is a privilege.”

What is your vision for Tormead Sixth Form? 

 “My vision for the sixth form is for the students as they are the key to the sixth form’s ethos. Therefore ensuring that each student has the opportunity to discover, challenge and ultimately be their best selves in whichever direction they choose to fly in is a must. Post 16 education can fly by and my vision for TSF is that each girl has the chance to try new things, learn new strategies and develop their own values. This will allow them to become outwardly focused, engaged young adults who meet all challenges with tenacity and creativity.”

What’s the best thing about being Head of Sixth Form? 

“The best thing about being Head of Sixth Form is the pace at which this stage of education travels. Sixth Form students have to emotionally and intellectually adjust to the rigours of post GCSE education and almost as soon as this has happened they are priming for national examinations. Being able to help students equip themselves with the skills and behaviours they need so they truly realise that they can meet each all challenges through engaging all of the resources they have available to them here at Tormead is highly rewarding.”

Do you have any hobbies, that you partake in outside of work?

I spend as much time outside as I can. I have horses and dogs, so the countryside is my best friend for when I need to reflect and regroup.”

Where next?

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