Eva & Hannah

Year 7 pupils

What is Year 7 at Tormead like? 

“There are many clubs and different classes to broaden your friendships and boost your social school life. Every teacher is inviting and approachable, especially your form tutors who greet you every morning. I found my Aunt (Year 9 mentor) very helpful and it was interesting to hear their thoughts and suggestions about how you can use Year 7 to its full capability. Year 7 is a fun and exciting year that you will remember forever!” – Eva

Did you find it easy to settle in at Tormead?

 “When I first joined there were only two people I knew so it was a bit scary, but when I got to my form room and my first lesson I realised everyone else was also a bit nervous. Soon we were all talking and they were all very nice. Now we’re half way through the year and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve made some really nice new friends and everyone has been so friendly and kind. For the first couple of weeks it did feel a bit weird but now I definitely feel settled and am very happy at Tormead!” – Hannah

What have you enjoyed the most about Year 7 so far?

“There have been many moments of enjoyment throughout Year 7 so far but one of my favourite memories was going to PGL. I was lucky enough to be in a dorm with one of my best friends but I know another friend who wasn’t and she returned with new friends all the same. All of the activities were exhilarating and bonded everyone further.” – Eva

What is your favourite subject and why?

“My favourite subject is a bit hard as I have a few I really like but I think it would have to be English. I love writing stories and reading so that probably why but our English teacher is also super kind and very funny. She makes the lessons lots of fun and we all have a nice time in English. I also like the arts like Textiles, drawing and DT as well as food and nutrition. Biology is lots of fun too! – Hannah

What are you most looking forward to at Senior School?

“I am looking forward to the many opportunities, exciting trips and residentials that I have heard about from my Aunt in Year 9. She promised many exciting clubs, extra-curricular events and much more! – Eva

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining Tormead?

“My advice to anyone who is considering joining Tormead would be to engage in any opportunity thrown at you, join as many clubs and activities as possible and interact with many people to make new friends who can be beside you during Year 7. – Eva

“I would say that it is hard joining a new school and especially leaving some of your friends. However, (I know you probably hear this a lot!) everyone is feeling just as nervous as you and if you have the courage to say ‘hi’ to people it can really make their day. Also, it can be very easy to worry about making friends and being in a new school but everyone else is probably worrying about the same things. Soon enough you will feel settled and make lots of kind friends but you need to try and be yourself because you’re great just the way you are! – Hannah

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