Heather Southwell

Assistant Head: Wellbeing and Transition

What does your role as Assistant Head: Wellbeing and Transition involve?

 “I have two main priorities. Firstly, I work to promote student and staff wellbeing. The wellbeing of our students is an absolute priority and, to support this, we run a number of specific initiatives as part of our THRIVE programme, such as the Girls on Board scheme and activities during Mental Health week. We champion pupil wellbeing through our student committees and run bespoke sessions in our Wellbeing Centre. We know that our girls perform best when they feel happy, confident and secure, and that is what we strive to achieve, getting to know our students as individuals and supporting them as such.

Secondly, I focus on helping the transition of our pupils into our Senior School, working closely with the Marketing Department on events such as the Induction Day, New Girls’ Afternoon and our ‘Aunts and Nieces’ programme. We know that senior school is a big step for new pupils and we want them to feel well supported and excited about coming to Tormead.”

How long have you been at Tormead? 

 “I joined in 2003 as Head of English and enjoyed working at Tormead for a number of years before leaving to raise my family. I re-joined in 2019. There were lots of developments whilst I was away, but, happily, the spirit of Tormead has remained the same.”

What do you love most about your job? 

“I love working with the students. It’s wonderful to be here at the very beginning of their Tormead journey, helping them establish their place in our community. It’s a real privilege to be able to have an impact on the happiness, wellbeing and success of our girls, from their first day at Tormead to when they leave us for their next adventure.”

What makes you most proud of working here? 

The kindness, creativity and ingenuity I see in all the girls every day make me feel immensely proud of them. From day one, our girls display an inspiring level of support and encouragement for each other. I feel incredibly lucky to witness first-hand how our girls bring out the best in each other.

It’s inspiring to see our girls develop into amazing young women. On their first few days at Tormead, many of the girls are still a little shy and nervous. When they leave in Year 13, they are confident, capable, thoughtful young women who I know will make our world better.”

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