Mary Price

Deputy Head of Prep

What does your role as Deputy Head involve?

“If you were to write an accurate role description for a Deputy of Prep, the list would be long indeed as each day is full of surprises. From welcoming pupils into the school grounds, making sure staff have their coffee, teaching exciting lessons, leading assemblies and writing the school staff pantomime; there is never a dull moment, which is perfect for me.”

How long have you been at Tormead?

“I joined Tormead in September 2021 but had known about the school for many years.”

Best (and worst) bits of the job?

“The children are the best part of the job. Each day and each lesson are unique. Even my most thoroughly planned lessons can be taken on a different route with the pupils’ wonderful questions. Here at Tormead, our Beacon programme encourages the girls to produce and present something that is of interest to them. I love listening to and watching their presentations and often feel rather inspired.

The worst part of the job is seeing a sad child. However, it is also a privilege to be the person they feel they can trust and to be the person to whom they can turn.”

What makes you most proud of working here?

“I still remember, when I first arrived, being struck by the politeness of the pupils. The community aspect of the school and the connections between the girls. Taking the Year 5 pupils to the Mary Rose recently made me extremely proud as they thanked staff, moved out of the way for visitors and asked thoughtful and intelligent questions. As a Prep member of staff, I am often found wearing my Tormead logo high-visibility vest, occasionally around the supermarket after school, but the kind and thoughtful nature of our pupils always makes me wear it with pride.”

Memorable moment?

“When my Year 6 class announced that they loved their English grammar lessons: mission accomplished!”

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be?

“I asked for help with this question. A member of staff suggested a nurse, a Year 6 pupil said a comedian. However, I have always wanted to live in Switzerland; the flag is a big plus.

I think I’ll stick with teaching!

Where next?

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