Ronnie Fagioli


Why did you choose Tormead for both your daughters?

“We wanted to give our daughters a better atmosphere to learn in and Tormead was our first choice as we felt it to be an all-round school – offering great pastoral care.” 

 What did you particularly like?

“Tormead is a very inclusive school with a great sense of community. We’ve made many friends through our daughters. The teachers are very open, honest and fair – and the communication between teacher and parent is excellent.”

What characteristics do Tormead girls share?

“Friendly, polite with a quiet confidence. Happy.”

Favourite moment as a Tormead parent (so far!)?

“There are many… including watching our girls taking part in sports and pushing themselves to be the best they can be, making so many friends, and going happily into school every day.”

Where next?

Staff and Governors