Y5 Adventure in Hindhead

‘Excited, nervous, exhilarated, happy and, a new one, ‘nervcited!’ were just a few of the feelings experienced by all during the few days leading up to our four days away in Hindhead.

As we approached the main centre, we were filled with curiosity and intrigue as we scanned the outside area of giant swings, climbing walls and sensory trails. Our accommodation consisted of wooden shelters (a lot more comfy than it sounds) and we couldn’t wait to unpack and get going. Throughout the days, we were too busy to think. From hiking to rock climbing, low ropes to raft building, not to mention the giant swing, we were occupied from morning til night. As well as the fun and games which the day provided, there were also moments where things were a challenge and we had to persevere in order to achieve.

We all helped and supported each other throughout the trip. It’s only a few days away but can feel a long time when you are away from home. We really valued the friendships we had and celebrated in the new friendships we made. We were all sad to be leaving, but looking forward to a warm bath and good nights sleep! A huge thank you to all the staff who looked after us so well while we were away.

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