‘Pygmalion’ Upper School Drama Production Delights Audiences

Performances of the Upper School production of ‘Pygmalion’ entertained and delighted audiences with an all-singing, all-dancing version of George Bernard Shaw’s classic.

The play tells the story of Eliza Doolittle (Millie, Year 11), a flower seller, who is transformed by phonetician Henry Higgins (Gabby, Year 12) into a Duchess for a bet with his pal Colonel Hugh Pickering (Imogen, Year 11), and formed the basis for the musical ‘My Fair Lady’.

Shaw is famed for his clever use of words and there is a hugely challenging amount of dialogue in this play. The cast should be commended for how brilliantly they learnt their lines and managed to encapsulate and embody the parts they were playing. They were ably supported by a chorus of dancers, as well as a singer (Tia, Year 13) who acted as a compere, all of whom helped bring ‘the wow factor’ to the show. The ballroom scene was a particular highlight, especially as it was graced by a Royal visit, combined all the aspects of performance together and, quite literally, got the audience on their feet.

As well as being extremely well-performed, ‘Pygmalion’ looked great, too. The backstage team had to work hard to maintain the naturalism of each location, shifting a wide array of furniture and props with professionalism and calmness. The lighting and projections were also effective in establishing a wide variety of venues. It was lovely to see so many fans in the audience and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Bravo!

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