British Rowing Visit

On Thursday 7th March, the Year 9 rowing squad were lucky to be visited by British Rowing’s Helen Brown, Performance Transition Coach – Crew Sculling. Helen happens to be an ex-Tormead pupil who wasn’t able to pursue her passion for rowing when she was at Tormead, unlike the members of our thriving Rowing Club. Helen’s role is to identify and take the lead on the upcoming athletes as they progress from being competitive juniors on the GB pathway through to joining the GB team.

Helen was thrilled to join us at the Boathouse for the Year 9 Games session and managed to give some top coaching tips to the girls. Who knows, there might be the next International Oarswoman right here at Tormead for Helen to coach in years to come. We thank Helen for her time in coming to join us as the GB rowing team is extremely busy and focussed with the Paris Olympics on the horizon. We wish them the best of luck.

Jill Cobbett, Head of Rowing

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